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About Us

Established in the year 2008KRT Machinery  is one of the leading manufacturer and wholesaler of wide range of plastic recycling machinery like  Plastic Pelletizing Machine,High Speed Mixer, Palletizer, Agglomerator, Crusher and other plastic auxiliary equipment. These machines are designed and constructed to deliver end products that meet international finish quality standards. 
We are fully committed to design the latest range and abide by the fair business policy to face techno commercial challenges of the current & future industry trends. Owing to the quality standards followed at our end, we have acquired a huge clientele from all across the globe. Also, our team is well versed with knowledge of plastic part design, tooling and processing conditions to provide efficient and robust processing capability in the offered machines. High performance of plastic machinery, precision workmanship standards, constant product development and prompt after sales services are some of the prime factors that enable us to gain total customer satisfaction. The raw material is selected with utmost care and strict quality control policy is applied at each level of production with rigorous tests and checking. Our engineers also make best efforts to streamline their business operations and design the machine with optimum quality.

Besides domestic China market,we also export to Japan,USA,Middle East,Europe,South America,Africa, Southeast Asia .

Basic Information

123156美人鱼高手论坛-138383美人鱼手机开奖论坛-138383美人鱼论坛独家爆料-美人鱼澳彩手机论坛-2022年澳门美人鱼论坛 Nature of Business

123156美人鱼高手论坛-138383美人鱼手机开奖论坛-138383美人鱼论坛独家爆料-美人鱼澳彩手机论坛-2022年澳门美人鱼论坛 Manufacturer,Exporter

123156美人鱼高手论坛-138383美人鱼手机开奖论坛-138383美人鱼论坛独家爆料-美人鱼澳彩手机论坛-2022年澳门美人鱼论坛 Company CEO

123156美人鱼高手论坛-138383美人鱼手机开奖论坛-138383美人鱼论坛独家爆料-美人鱼澳彩手机论坛-2022年澳门美人鱼论坛 Mr ZhiHua Xie

Total Number of Employees

50 People

· Designers

· Managers

· Engineers

· Technocrats

123156美人鱼高手论坛-138383美人鱼手机开奖论坛-138383美人鱼论坛独家爆料-美人鱼澳彩手机论坛-2022年澳门美人鱼论坛 · Administrators

123156美人鱼高手论坛-138383美人鱼手机开奖论坛-138383美人鱼论坛独家爆料-美人鱼澳彩手机论坛-2022年澳门美人鱼论坛 · Quality controllers

123156美人鱼高手论坛-138383美人鱼手机开奖论坛-138383美人鱼论坛独家爆料-美人鱼澳彩手机论坛-2022年澳门美人鱼论坛 · Workers

Year of Establishment


Legal Status of Firm

123156美人鱼高手论坛-138383美人鱼手机开奖论坛-138383美人鱼论坛独家爆料-美人鱼澳彩手机论坛-2022年澳门美人鱼论坛 Proprietorship

Provide Install /after Sales Support


Sampling Policy


Primary Competitive Advantage

· Good Financial Position & TQM

· Large Product Line

· Large Production Capacity

Quality Measures / Testing Facilities


Why us

123156美人鱼高手论坛-138383美人鱼手机开奖论坛-138383美人鱼论坛独家爆料-美人鱼澳彩手机论坛-2022年澳门美人鱼论坛 · High performance based plastic processing machines

123156美人鱼高手论坛-138383美人鱼手机开奖论坛-138383美人鱼论坛独家爆料-美人鱼澳彩手机论坛-2022年澳门美人鱼论坛 · Competitive prices

123156美人鱼高手论坛-138383美人鱼手机开奖论坛-138383美人鱼论坛独家爆料-美人鱼澳彩手机论坛-2022年澳门美人鱼论坛 · Transparent dealings

· Wide market distribution

123156美人鱼高手论坛-138383美人鱼手机开奖论坛-138383美人鱼论坛独家爆料-美人鱼澳彩手机论坛-2022年澳门美人鱼论坛 · Conformity to international standards

· Innovative designs of high standards

· Large stock to meet immediate bulk demands

· Quality in conformation with the international standards

· Qualified team of engineers and experts rendering committed services


Product Range


Pp pe





Plastic granulation machine

123156美人鱼高手论坛-138383美人鱼手机开奖论坛-138383美人鱼论坛独家爆料-美人鱼澳彩手机论坛-2022年澳门美人鱼论坛 Certificate



Packaging/Payment and Shipment Details


Customized Packaging


Payment Terms

· T/T

Payment Mode

123156美人鱼高手论坛-138383美人鱼手机开奖论坛-138383美人鱼论坛独家爆料-美人鱼澳彩手机论坛-2022年澳门美人鱼论坛 · T/T

123156美人鱼高手论坛-138383美人鱼手机开奖论坛-138383美人鱼论坛独家爆料-美人鱼澳彩手机论坛-2022年澳门美人鱼论坛 Shipment Mode

By Road/By Sea/BY air Plane


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